If Bristol Palin’s Reality Show Wasn’t Enough, Now There’s Todd’s

todd and sarah palinWhat started as a surprise G.O.P. Vice Presidental nomination has, in the last four years, turned into an infiltration of American television. Perhaps just as pervasive as those Kardashians, the Palin family is streaming into our living rooms from every angle. What they lack in Valley accents, long dark hair, and Bentleys, they make up for with irony, shrewd publicity tactics, and what I'm sure they'd call something along the lines of "American grit." Sarah Palin's got her analyst gig on Fox News, Bristol's got her reality show on Lifetime, but wait, there's more. Todd Palin, Sarah's husband, just signed up for an NBC reality program called Stars Earn Stripes.


The show is sort of like Dancing With the Stars in that "celebs" will be paired with members of the armed forces to compete in challenges that will prove if they're worthy enough of the honor of serving in our military.

Along with Todd Palin, Nick Lachey, Picabo Street, and Dean Cain will also be on the show premiering August 13.

So that's three total reality shows for the Palins, if you count Sarah Palin's Alaska from last year. No word yet on whether Willow or Trig are scheduling to broadcast their own personal lives on TV, but I think we may be in the clear for now. 

I've gotta hand it to former Governor Palin here. She may not be on the ballot nor have much political clout left, but she's certainly a hustler. She's the conservative Kris Jenner just with longer hair and less leopard print. Both women have made their families famous for, for, for ... being famous, and that's no small feat.

We'll know the Palin television takeover is complete once Ryan Seacrest puts his glittery name behind one of their shows, but for now, we'll have two Palin reality shows to keep us company this summer. I mean, if Sarah’s family can’t be in the White House, or the Naval Observatory, she’s going to put them on every TV show out there. We just have to choose between the lesser of two evils, and frankly, I’m torn.

Now if only Rob Kardashian would woo Bristol Palin ... that reality wedding would be the end all be all of somewhat-not-really-but-pretty-much-really-scripted made-for-TV romances. God bless America.

What do you think of all the Palin reality shows?


Photo via david shankbone/Flickr

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