New 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Full Trailer: Don't Mess With a Vampire Mom! (VIDEO)

Bella Breaking Dawn Part 2

Ok, so the 10-second clip of the brand new Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer that was released yesterday showed some exciting moments even though it was over before we could blink. It definitely gave us an exciting sneak peek -- but nothing can touch the new full Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer that was released this morning.

OMG!!! Hurry up November 16 -- because after viewing the new trailer, fans aren't going to be able to stand waiting for the movie's premiere! Breaking Dawn Part 2 is SO going to be the best film in the entire Twilight series, which is highly evident from this new clip.


Ok, I'll stop rambling already -- here's the new full trailer. Take a look and then we can ooh and ahh over the movie a bit more.


Ahhh!!! How amazing does this flick look? Can you even stand it?!

There's more action than ever in this film, as Bella & Edward strive to protect the most important thing in their immortal lives -- their daughter, Renesmee. The Volturi certainly aren't going to back down in coming after the entire Cullen family, considering they think Renesmee is 100 percent vampire.

Bella & Edward are in for quite a battle. Judging from the new trailer, Bella appears to fully embrace her new vampire status -- and she's ready to fight to the death (or whatever.)

What did you think of the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer?


Image via OfficialTwilightFilm/YouTube

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