Kate Middleton's Secret to Perfect Hair Proves She's a True Princess

Kate MiddletonHave you ever wondered what Kate Middleton's secret to perfect looking hair is? Because no matter where she goes or what she's doing -- she never has even one tiny strand out of place. Her gorgeous brown locks are always shiny, full of volume, and of course, very much in style as far as current hair trends go.

And while Kate doesn't seem like the fussy type who has a personal hair and makeup artist at her beck and call, there is a very good reason for why her hair is always picture perfect.


And as it turns out, she doesn't stand in front of the bathroom mirror with a blow dryer and curling iron every day. (C'mon, you didn't really think she did her own hair, did you?)

Nope -- the Duchess heads to the salon a few times a week for professional blow-outs. (And now I want to be her more than ever.) Her styling sessions cost at least $75, so it looks like she has no problem shelling out a few hundred bucks each week to look like the princess she is. (If I ever reach a point in my life where I have a decent amount of disposable income, I'm following in her footsteps and getting regular blow-outs too. It's my dream.)

Hearing that Kate is a salon regular didn't really surprise me, but you know what did? Believe it or not, that rich, milk chocolate shade of brown she's got going on isn't 100 percent natural. (Whaaattt?) She has it colored with an organic vegetable-based dye to achieve the perfect hue. But doesn't the fact that she colors her hair make her seem a little more normal and a little less royal? Nah. She's a princess in every sense of the word -- and we love her for it.

Do you get regular blow-outs at the salon?


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