'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Needs More Naked Men

OshaDuring the second season of Game of Thrones, it was rare for a week to go by when you didn't see an actress or two stripping down. We've seen nearly everyone's boobs, from Cersei's to Daenerys's to numerous hookers', and sometimes we've seen even more than that. With season 3 reportedly coming out in February 2013, based off A Storm of Swords, fans just take (and some really enjoy) the female nudity as part of the series. But there's something we haven't seen that may put us over the edge: some penis.

The actresses who've had to strip down for the show agree there's quite the disparity ... well, at least one of them does. Natalia Tena, who plays a wildling named Osha (you may also recognize her as Tonks from the Harry Potter series), explained in rather colorful language what she hopes to see in season 3, and why she was slightly disappointed by her full-frontal scene back in season 2. Talk about an important discussion! Some spoilers ahead.


When talking about the need to see more male nudity on this violence- and sex-happy series, and how there are always more naked women than men, she said:

There’s that [disparity] in everything in the world. I think it’s really unfair, every actor, any actress has had her t**s out. Every single actress I know. Blokes it’s like, let’s see some c**k. Do you know what I mean? Let’s make it more even.

Well, that's one way to put it, and I couldn't agree more! Can you imagine how much hotter the sex scenes would have been between Daenerys and Drogo back in season 1? For spoilers for season 3: This is when Jon Snow and Ygritte finally get it on and they strip in front of each other. Jaime and Cersei have a passionate reunion ... right beside Joffrey's corpse. All this graphic sex (and hot men) and not a single penis shot? I think HBO can oblige Tonks Tena and the rest of us by fixing this. They're doing it for True Blood, after all!

Tena, in her hilarious fashion, went on to complain about her nude scene in season 2 in which she seduced Theon Greyjoy:

I was a bit upset about the fact that they showed my minge without hair because I think my character would have a massive bush. I would have muff, like a muff coming down the thighs.

How right (and hilarious) is she? And if HBO is going for accuracy, the men in this time period were probably far less ... groomed. Will they show these guys waxed or au naturel? Will it be just a flash of nudity or during an all-out sex scene? These are really pertinent season 3 penis questions, people!

Maybe watching True Blood's full-frontal will give viewers an idea of what HBO can and can't get away with. Still, I've seen my fair share of boobs, full-frontal female nudity, heads chopped off, spears through necks, blood spurting, horses getting decapitated, and men being burned alive in this series and think that we're finally ready to go where movies and shows seem so fearful to tread. Let's hope Game of Thrones will be brave enough to at least consider it!

Do you think there should be more male nudity on Game of Thrones?


Image via HBO

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