Kris Humphries Acts Like a Jerk & Helps Kim Kardashian Make Her Case Against Him

Kris HumphriesI admit it: I bought into the hype. Not the hoopla surrounding the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries marriage. But its aftermath. I bought into the idea that Kris was nothing more than a pawn of the Kardashian clan -- a naive Midwestern choirboy who got bamboozled by Kim and her lust for the spotlight. Granted, some of that may still be true. However, what is becoming more apparent to me as the days go by is that Kris is ... one ... giant ... douchebag.


Apparently Kris Humphries has had a girlfriend, Kim-lookalike Myla Sinanaj, since at least January. Which he didn't want anyone to know -- most likely because it would screw up his claim that he was so devastated by his shocking divorce that he needs a $7 million settlement to recover from it. As we all know, men who quickly move on in relationships probably aren't emotionally devastated to the tune of several mil.

And it's because of Kris's relationship that Kim has reportedly subpoenaed Myla in the divorce case. But that's not all. Word has it that Kris acted like a total douche throughout much of the relationship with Myla. For one, even though she says they were in a serious relationship and even met his parents, he refers to her as a "booty call."

He also then reportedly told the hotel where Myla worked that she was running a "brothel" -- trying to get her fired. He also apparently told the FBI that she was trying to exhort him. Oh, and he totally ghosted on her and wouldn't answer her calls. To the point where she was hysterically screaming into his answering machine. I don't care how much a girl is pissing you off, you don't dive off the face of the planet.

Perhaps Myla wasn't the best girlfriend in the world, who knows. But there are civil ways to break off with someone. In fact, now I remember that Kris did come off like a doofus during his marriage. But I'd thought that was because he was 26. Now I'm thinking it's just him.

Anyone else changing their mind about Kris?

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