Spike Lee Brings Mike Tyson to Broadway (VIDEO)

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Mike Tyson. On Broadway. Directed by Spike Lee. Oh it's happening. You can have your "amazing" Spider-Man accidents and your Mamma Mia. I'm excited about Tyson's one-man show, Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth. Tyson says he'll be telling the "raw" tale of his life.

It’s about me being on stage and being pretty raw. Not necessarily raw in a vulgar sense ... I’m just naked and vulnerable, and I’m just telling you who I am and where I’m from and how this happened and how I lose all this damn money and how I had all these children and how I go to prison and, you know, you know what happened guys, right?

YES, yes we do remember what happened to Mike Tyson. And if he's telling his roller-coaster life story in an emotionally vulnerable way it's going to be the most gripping, breathtaking show this summer.


And unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be a fleeting show, too. Just six shows are planned, running between July 31 and August 5. I can imagine that for someone who is not a trained actor, heaving your soul up on stage must be an emotionally wrenching experience. That must be a test of Tyson's strength just to get thorough those six shows -- but it must be a cathartic experience for him, too.

I thought this was a joke when I first saw it mentioned on Twitter just because it's so unexpected. (Mike Tyson -- Broadway -- what the what???) I'm not a fan of Mike Tyson. I don't like how he abused women. I don't like that he bit another man's ear. I don't like how violent he was. But I am interested in what brought him to those lows and how he crawled out. That's why I'd like to see this show. (A documentary of his life, Tyson, was made in 2008.)

Spike Lee is another reason why I'd like to see Tyson's show. Lee is always interesting -- even when he's baffling and infuriating, he's one of our great American story tellers. I totally trust his judgment. And I believe Lee when he says Tyson's is a "great American story." Great as in gripping -- not necessarily inspiring. But every once in a while, we have to face the dark side of our country. America is not all sunshine and flag-waving. Sometimes freedom, pain, struggle, and opportunity converge to create total disaster. That's the story of Mike Tyson's life.


Would you watch Mike Tyson's show if you could?


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