Kim Kardashian’s Military Dress Hugs Her in All the Wrong Places

Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestJuly 4th is almost here, and it looks like the queen of reality TV, Ms. Kim Kardashian herself, is celebrating a little early. On Sunday, Kim strolled around Paris with her main squeeze Kanye West wearing a military style green dress with gold buttons, black boots, and her hair pulled back. Looks seriously Armytastic, don't you agree? Could Kimmy be paying tribute to our country and troops already?

OK OK, I jest. But wow -- talk about a dress that does Kim absolutely NO favors. Don't get me wrong, I think the 31-year-old Dash doll is absolutely beyond gorgeous. Come on now, though. All that pulling across the front ... it's no bueno. Something tells me this military-inspired dress was one of those want not need items, if you know what I mean.


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You've totally been there. You're in the store and you see an item that you absolutely love so you go and try it on. In the dressing room, you know it doesn't look fabulous. However, you just can't bear to part with it though, so what the hey, you buy it. I'm positive that if I had Kim's sort of wallet (which is most likely Hermes), this would be happening to me a WHOLE lot more often. 

The dress has potential, though, it's just the fit that ruins it. What woman wants a garment to actually be tight and exposing across the midsection? Not this one! I adore the fun gold buttons, think that the shape of the whole thing has potential, and can't even get mad at her for pairing it with these cherry on the top of the military sundae black boots. Let's be real, though, with Kanye on her arm, Kim could be wearing a potato sack and still have the best accessory EVAH.

What do you think of Kim's military dress?


Image via Splash News

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