New 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Teaser Trailer Shows Renesmee & a Fierce Mama Bella (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

We've still got a few more months to go before the film's release, but the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer at least gives us a little taste of the Cullen clan to tide us over!

All of the Twilight films have been highly anticipated, but since Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the final movie in the series, we're especially fired up about seeing how Bella & Edward's love story finally plays out. And judging from the new trailer, it looks like there will be plenty of action and suspense -- as the Volturi come after their half-human, half-vampire daughter, Renesmee.


Here is the clip -- it's short, but it's still exciting!

What do you think of Bella's new vampire transformation? (I'm lovin' her new eyes.) And how about the whole "mama bear" thing she's got going on? She sounded determined to protect her little girl when she said, "She was born [this way], not bitten ... she grows every single day!"

Renesmee will obviously be a key character in this film, and it's going to be pretty interesting to see how Bella & Edward interact now that they're parents.

And seeing Bella's official transformation from human to vampire will be one of the most exciting moments of the film as well. A full trailer is expected to be released tomorrow -- fingers crossed that it shows a lot more of her in action!

Are you planning on seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 the day it releases?


Image via Ian Gavan/Getty

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