Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Was Adorable Even in MC Hammer Pants (VIDEO)

ryan goslingSo there's only one problem with this video of Ryan Gosling singing and dancing. I know, I know -- right now you're all like, What are you talking about?! How could there possibly be any sort of problem with a video of Ryan Gosling singing and dancing? How could there possibly be any sort of problem with any sort of video of Ryan Gosling at all, for that matter? Show me this magical, Oscar-worthy video at once!! Understandable reaction on your part.

Here's the thing: The Ryan Gosling in this particular video is a 10-year-old Ryan Gosling. And he's of course very very cute, especially considering he's singing "When a Man Loves a Woman" in MC Hammer-style pants AND busting many a move to "Everybody Dance Now" as only a 10-year-old Ryan Gosling can. But even though I am, like Gosling today, in my 30's, my kids are, like Gosling in this video, kids ...


Which means I watched the adorable footage and went "Awww!" not in a "He's so dreamy!" kind of way, but "Awww!" in a "He's such a sweetie-pie! He reminds me of my son!"

And THAT is the problem. Now that I've looked at Ryan Gosling from the maternal point of view, I don't know that I'll ever see him the other way again. Where am I supposed to put Ryan Gosling now?! I can't store him on the Johnny Depp shelf anymore. Just doesn't seem right. That said, it's not like I'm gonna watch his movies and NOT think he's hot. Which will totally mess with my head! It's gonna be like watching Jerry McGuire and thinking the kid with the glasses is more attractive than Tom Cruise.

Anyway, watch this video ... if you dare. Just remember, the words "Hey girl ... " might never sound the same again.

Will you forever think of Ryan Gosling as this cute little boy? Or is he still super hot?


Image via Rossana Odar/YouTube

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