Shia LaBeouf Stars Naked in New Music Video & You Know You're Gonna Watch

Hey, everyone, the band Sigur Ros has a new video out. It's an instrumental that features a lot of piano playing and -- oh, who cares about that! The video stars Shia LaBeouf. And more to the point, evverrrbody, the video stars Shia LaBeouf's penis! His man tool, his schlong, his bologna party. Have I got your attention?


The video is very artsy, y'all. And it's eight minutes long. But dontcha worry none 'bout that, cause Shia's full monty comes about a minute into it. He's standing sideways, so you can't really see the entire thing, but you can see enough. I mean, you will get the gist. You've always wanted to know, right? Hey, if it was good enough for Megan Fox, it's good enough for you!

Shia's big dipper joins that of rapper Big Sean and actor Michael Fassbender in the roster of celebrities who have lately flashed us their peen packages. How does Shia's stack up? Looks like a good 'un to me. Nothing scary, nothing sad. Frankly, I think he could have used a little tidying up down there, a wee bit of manscaping, but -- hey, he's an artiste.

Anyway, Shia's trouser snake should bring more attention to the ethereal Icelandic band Sigur Ros. But Transformers this is not. Which is a good thing.

Check out Shia's beef stick -- I mean, his touching and subtle performance in a musical work of art.


Image via Sigur Ros/YouTube

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