Kim Kardashian's Fame Is Bigger Than Her Sex Tape

kim kardashianEvery time we write about Kim Kardashian here at The Stir -- I mean Every. Single. Time. At least one reader brings up that sex tape: As in, "Kim Kardashian is only famous because of that sex tape she did!" sex tape. SEX TAPE!!! Like that's the key to everything. If you could become as famous as Kim Kardashian is just by doing a sex tape, I would do one today. (Yeah, I know, no one wants to see that.)

Now, I do not condone the use of sex tapes to achieve fame. I mean, they're obviously effective, but then what? That's just going to introduce you to the spotlight. If you want to stay in the spotlight for more than 15 seconds, you're going to do a whole lot more than writhe on camera.

Which brings us to Kim K and what she revealed to Oprah about that infamous sex tape.


Oprah asked her point blank the question we've been wanting to hear her answer: "Would you be where you are had there not been a sex tape?" Kim's response was refreshingly honest.

You know, I think that's how I was definitely introduced to the world. It was a negative way, so I felt like I really had to work 10 times harder to get people to see the real me.

We'll never know if what we're seeing really is the "real" Kim, but there's no question that she (and yes, her momager Kris Jenner) work hard. It may not always look like work -- posing on red carpets and showing up for press events -- but she's pushing the Kim Kardashian brand all the freakin' time. And it's worked.

(Also: Ray J? I'd completely forgotten the man's name.)

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I think if you dismiss Kim as a bimbo who's "famous for doing nothing," you're not getting the whole picture. I'm not saying she's a great role model for today's girls or that what she does to stay famous is inspiring (or even interesting), but I have to give props for her work ethic. And keep in mind -- we help her stay famous. We're partly responsible.

That's why I think it's insane when people get mad at Kim for being famous. She's not doing that by herself, you know. Get mad at all the people who keep watching her show, clicking on the Kardashian-related blog posts, and feeding the Kardashian machine. Kim has proven that she can do more than take some Ray J juice. She can ... um ... (What does she do again? Oh yes.) Start an online shoe-shopping site, sell a line of fragrances, and design (er, more or less) clothing lines for major retailers. Is she Hillary Clinton? Ptthhh! NO. But you have to admit, she's stayed famous for a bit more than just doing a sex tape.

Now the real question is -- how much longer can she keep it up? How long before we finally, finally get tired of her? Personally I think with this interview we may have reached Peak Kardashian. But what do I know?

How do you think Kim Kardashian has stayed famous?


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