'True Blood' Recap: Bible-Thumpin' Vamps & Bondage Aplenty!

bill ericOkay, Truebies, so can I just say one thing? As much as I really, really hate the idea of Eric and Bill being prisoners of The Authority, I really, really LIKE the idea of Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer in handcuffs. Uh, 50 Shades of Grey? (What. Ever.) Anyway, this week's episode of True Blood was heavy on the hot vamp bondage, woo-hoo! But I'm still not sure if that makes up for the introduction of bible-thumping vampires. That's right, bible-thumping vampires.

Of course, new characters Dieter, Roman, Alexander, Rosalyn, and Kibwe don't subscribe to the Old Testament. Or the New Testament. They subscribe to the Original Testament.


Which, apparently, involves Lilith and a very different take on Adam and Eve than the one you probably learned in Sunday School, but that's all we really know so far.

Anyway, aren't vampires supposed to be lawless renegades? Bill and Eric definitely think so, but Da (Undead) Man is totally trying to keep them down right now. Yuck. Vive la revolution!

I can't wait to see their unlikely bromance blossom as they attempt to overthrow the, uh, government. For lack of a better word.

Other things I can't wait to see? Vampire Tara actually venting her "feelings" about what happened to her, as opposed to just whizzing around everywhere in a blur of pissed-off-ness. Luna dealing with Emma's obvious wolf identity. More of Pam's brothel flashbacks (ASkars in a top hat!).

What big questions do you have after tonight's True Blood episode?


Image via HBO

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