Lindsay Lohan's Paramedics Scare Makes Us Wonder If She's All Alone

lindsay lohanAs if we weren't already worried about Lindsay Lohan. The latest in Lindsay news is quite possibly the scariest yet: Paramedics reportedly rushed to her hotel early this morning when someone from the Liz and Dick production team found her "unresponsive." Apparently LiLo made the initial call to her production team because she wasn't feeling well -- she was complaining of "exhaustion" (not surprising since sources say she'd been shooting for nearly two days straight with no sleep at all).

Thankfully, when paramedics arrived at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Ray, Lindsay was somewhat stable -- stable enough, at least, that they apparently didn't feel it was necessary to take her to the hospital.

But this is still very troubling news for anyone who cares about Lindsay Lohan. Which, now that I think about it, where are all the people in Lindsay's life who truly care about her and why are they letting her drive cars with open containers of alcohol and stay up for 2 nights in a row?!


Considering Lindsay's history and the narrow window of opportunity she's been given to get herself and her career back on track, you'd think her family and friends would be watching her like hawks, waiting to jump on potential red flags. Hmm, remember when Lindsay was in trouble for doing coke all the time? Hmm, do you think it's weird that she's staying up for days at a time again?

Anybody trying to move beyond a past like Lindsay's needs big-time support. It's incredibly easy for certain situations and people to trigger old, unhealthy patterns of behavior. And it really, really seems like Lindsay is not getting the support she needs.

It's a shame, and it's scary. Because I hate to think what's going to happen next.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan needs a better support system?

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