Lady Gaga's 'Inappropriate' Flag Display Wasn't Meant to Be Disrespectful

Lady GagaIt feels like Lady Gaga has gone super MIA lately, doesn't it? I'm missing my daily dose of Gaga wacky outfits and outbursts about her little monsters! Alas, the modern age Madonna is currently on her world tour, where she's stirring up a bit of controversy, per usual. Seems that during a show in Bangkok last month, Gaga inappropriately displayed the Thai flag. Ruh-roh. Even worse? Thailand's Culture Ministry isn't exactly happy about it.

So what happened? Well, the word is that during her show Lady Gaga wore a traditional Thai headdress with a leather bikini and sat on a motorcycle with a Thai flag tied to it. According to the ministry, that was "not appropriate and hurt the feelings of the Thai people."

The good news? The ministry isn't planning on seeking legal action against the Gags. I have to ask though, if this was in America, and Gaga was flying the American flag, would it have mattered? Something tells me no, not at all.


Hear me out on this one: It's not that the American people don't respect the American flag. Of course we do! However, I will say that you see American flags done up every day in so many different ways. Whether it's on a bandanna, a T-shirt, tacked onto the back of a motorcycle jacket -- the American flag in my eyes is a symbol of pride no matter how you rock it. Of course, if LG was riding OVER the American flag on her motorcycle, that would be one thing. But nope, not the case.

Something tells me Gaga had no idea she was doing something offensive with the Thai flag. In fact, I bet she thought she was paying tribute to their culture. Lady Gaga is a pretty respectful person, especially when it comes to different cultures and religions. Alas, a little foul play -- but no harm. We can now go back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Do you think Lady Gaga's actions were meant to be disrespectful? Would you be bothered if you saw her do the same thing with an American flag?

Image via petercruise/ Flickr

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