Jimmy Fallon's 'Evolution of Dad Dancing' Is an Instant Father's Day Classic (VIDEO)

jimmy fallon evolution dad dancingDoes Jimmy Fallon ever get anything wrong? The man can do a spot-on rendition of Bob Dylan singing the Charles in Charge theme song, so of course he was able to nail just about every dad in the universe who's ever made an awkward spectacle of himself on the dance floor in one hilarious Late Night with Jimmy Fallon musical sketch: "The Evolution of Dad Dancing."

And just in time for Father's Day! Seriously, to say he's done it again doesn't begin to cover it. By simply dressing up like the dorkiest dad ever and busting a series of tragically misinformed "moves," Jimmy Fallon somehow managed to make millions of viewers smile and say, "Awww, my dad does that!"


Because even if your dad doesn't try to rock out at weddings with  "The YMUC" (a very confused version of "The YMCA") or "The Nordic Track," chances are he does something similar (like my friend's dad, who does a little jig I like to call "The Bad-Knee Oompa- Loompa").

Check it out and see:

Hilarious, right?! How awesome are dads?! Give it up for dads and their terrible sense of rhythm!

Does your dad do any of these dances?


Image via latenight/YouTube

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