'50 Shades of Grey' Movie: 8 Scenes We Can't Wait to See

woman biting lipRumors are swirling like wild around who will adapt, direct, and star (Bret Easton Ellis, David Cronenberg, Rob Pattinson Scarlett Johansson?) in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but not too many people have been floating ideas just yet about what the film will actually look like and how it will compare to the books. I have read that it must focus more on the love story than all the sex, and the sex is going to have to be presented in a way that is vague enough for the flick to pickup an R-rating. (Because oh no, NC-17 would be a death sentence to it at the box office!)

But while we Fifty fans can do really nothing other than fantasize that the final cut will meet our expectations, here are eight steamy scenes we can all likely agree the eventual writer and director of the film must include ...

  1. Christian's visit to Clayton's Hardware Store. If done right, seeing the sexy Dom getting then-clueless Ana to show him where the ropes and masking tape are located could actually offer the flick a little comic relief!
  2. Christian saves Ana from Jose. Reading the scene, you can just see him emerging from the shadows, stopping Jose from puttin' the moves on Ana. "I think the lady said no." Aww, the control freak knight in shining armor!
  3. Their first makeout in the elevator. The film just wouldn't be complete without Christian saying "F*** the paperwork!" and pinning Ana to the wall of the elevator.
  4. The first trip in Charlie Tango. Destined to be a short, but potentially really romantic scene.
  5. When Christian first uses that silver-gray woventie. Yeah, it's a little creepy how he just shows up after Ana emails him that it was "nice knowing him," but he definitely makes the point that she'll want to keep right on knowing him ...
  6. Ana's first spanking. Yeah, this is going to have to be in there. It's a love story, but also a BDSM fantasy, no?
  7. When emotionally vulnerable side of Christian comes out. The film has to touch on Christian's backstory, particularly when he confesses to Ana that his mom was a "crack whore."
  8. Ana's confession ... and exit. When she admits she's fallen in love with Christian and realizes (or think she realizes) that they can't be together, movie-goers will be left on the edge of their seats.

What other scenes (from the first book) do you think must make it into the film?

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