Kanye's Interest in Adult Entertainment Should Be a Red Flag for Kim Kardashian

kanye westAre you guys ready for this? Kanye West has reportedly been in talks with a pornography company and a source for Reality Weekly says it's because he aims to spice up his music videos with a little bit of X-rated activity.

Oh, geez. Kanye, we know you're a bad boy -- we get that. We know you don't care what people think of you (read: your infamous Taylor Swift moment). You need to do something different than everyone in the 'game.' But if you're seriously planning to take the porno-plunge, it might be time to kiss the Kimye honeymoon goodbye way sooner than you ever expected! You might get your porno on, but you'll likely lose Kim Kardashian.


Now I knooow that Kim Kardashian is her own woman with her own life, trunkloads of her own money and she don't need no man to support her. But let's face it -- she kinda does. No matter how many times Kim says she's committed to "focusing on herself" and what makes her happy, the inevitable truth is that days later she's in another high-profile relationship. However, having a partner dabbling in adult entertainment has to be a no-go for Kimmy.

Nobody will ever forget that Kim already splashed into the amateur adult film industry with her Kim K & Ray J sex tape? Then her image took a huge hit after her 72-day sham marriage to the Hump. But that was then and this is now. The woman has her sights set on moving on up now -- not going back to whence she came. Never ever going back. And frankly, Kanye, having a boy-toy in the adult entertainment arena just won't fly.

Aside from the obvious damage this would do to Kimmy's career, let's also forecast the blow it might make on Kanye's rep. After working so hard to make a respectable name for himself in the music industry, the fashion industry, and even trying his hand at an experimental film, this X-rated flop could potentially strike through all his hard work. He'll go from racks on racks on racks to rags on rags on rags.

If this rumor is indeed true, Kanye, what the hell are you thinking? Isn't there some other industry you could come up with before settling on porn? Like... maybe your own line of bakeware? There's potential there, trust me! I think this porno-thing just screams disaster. Big, fat, mega-zillion dollar disaster.

Do you think Kanye is crazy for wanting to work with pornography?

Image via SOCIALisBETTER/ Flickr

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