Kim Kardashian's Nude Photo Rumors Show Her Brand Is Only Skin Deep (VIDEO)

You've probably heard the rumors by now -- according to Internet legend, Kanye West recently tweeted (then immediately deleted) a rather lascivious photo of a naked Kim Kardashian, her back to the camera as she perches on a bed and seems to deep-throat ... well, what is that thing? A banana?

As plausible as it might seem that Kim K. is prone to enjoying nude breakfasts while Kanye lolls around tweeting her impressive rear view, it turns out the image wasn't shared by Kanye after all. Also, according to porn star Amia Miley, she's the one in the photo, and she posted it on her own Twitter account a few years ago.

I have to say, I feel a little sorry for Kim Kardashian right now. After all the work she's put into building up that fancy lifestyle brand of hers, the truth is she's never really going to escape the sex tape scandal that launched her career.


I'm not sure how this particular rumor originally got underway, but I'm guessing someone unearthed Miley's image and thought, heyyyyy, that ass looks kinda familiar. It ended up on (of course), who gleefully trumpeted all sorts of misspelled craziness about how Kanye had tweeted it from his hotel room and how Kim was super pissed because she doesn't want to be known as a "TRASHY SLORE" any more.

Here's the photo that's making the rounds -- I added a Modesty Speech Bubble to tame down the butt crack action a bit:

Amia Miley

Kanye's rep denied the nudie tweet, and then porn star Amia Miley claimed the photo as her own. She points out the piercings in her back as proof that it's her smokin' hot bod, not Kim's.

TMZ caught up with the squeaky-voiced Miley to ask what was up with that pose ("That's how I like to eat breakfast") and how she feels about being compared to Kim K. ("She's a very beautiful girl, but I think it's a silly comparison").

There's video of TMZ's interaction with Miley, natch:

Well, I guess that's that, right? Except Kim Kardashian must surely be fuming a bit over the gossip, because it really shows how no matter what she does -- no matter how many products she endorses, or reality shows she sells, or business ventures she launches -- she's always going to be the girl who got famous because of a sex tape. The fact that everyone bought this rumor without a second thought reveals how her luxury lifestyle brand is really only surface deep. She's a gorgeous girl who seems like a hard worker, and I give her full credit for taking her infamy back in the day and transforming it into an entire empire, but she's never going to fully shed that sleazy famewhore image.

Maybe especially now that she's hooked up with a guy known for sharing photos of his penis.

Do you think Kim Kardashian has a chance of ever becoming someone who won't be so easily linked with a nude photo scandal?

Image via Twitter

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