Khloe Kardashian Is Starting Fertility Treatments ... Again (VIDEO)

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar OdomReports have it that Khloe Kardashian is finally seeking professional help in her efforts to have a baby with husband Lamar Odom. She was recently spotted at ART Reproductive Center in Beverly Hills with sister Kim Kardashian by her side for moral support.

Sources back up the claim, and one "insider" told Us Weekly that she's begun fertility treatments "because she has the time now that she's in L.A. full-time again." Good for her ... if it's true.


We've heard all this (and so much more) before ... repeatedly in their almost three years of marriage. Is this time really any different? In January, we heard she was seeking fertility treatment in Dallas. We've heard she's pregnant. We've heard her say she and Lamar were going to let it happen the old-fashioned way; and everyone from Rob Kardashian to a psychic has chimed in on the matter. The truth is, we have no idea what's happening with Khloe and her fertility whether she was spotted at a clinic or not. She could be pregnant for all we know.

So I'm not believing anything until I hear it from Khloe directly. If she is beginning fertility treatment for the first time, however, I hope she is able to get pregnant quickly. If not, I fear it's going to be a very painful ride for her with the public so anxiously watching her every move.

Fertility doctors can do a lot, but it's not always the quick fix for which couples are hoping. There can be months of tests, and procedures, and waiting. As someone who went through infertility for years, I simply can't imagine doing it while the world watched. I know she's used to her life being on display, but infertility is so deeply painful and filled with so many ups and downs, I really wish the world would leave her alone on this one.

I know we won't (and yes, I'm including myself), because she's a Kardashian, and they invite and beg us into every intimate aspect of their lives in pursuit of the almighty dollar. So they can't expect us not to care about certain things. But on this one, I wish she could just retreat from it all until she finally has the baby of her dreams.

On the bright side, however, we know that some fertility treatments can result in twins. How adorable would that be?!

Do you think Khloe is actually starting fertility treatments this time?


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