Octomom Sells Out Motherhood in Troubling Pornographic Photos

octomomNo, everyone, just ... nooooo. The first photos of Octomom's "solo sex" photospread have been released, and can I just say? Noooooo. It's not that I have anything against Octomom doing what she needs to do to support her 14 kids. Would I rather she do something else than sell her body for pervy pictorials? Of course. But it's too late now for her to go to medical school. She's got a passel of kids, they are not going away, and she needs to bring in cash. If she needs to resort to pleasuring herself in a photo shoot, well, then, so be it. But this? The pictures show something so ... ugh, it's just wrong.


The exclusive photos of Octomom posted on TMZ show her in frilly pink baby doll undies. And behind her on a clothesline are baby clothes. Mostly itty-bitty socks, but also two little baby onesie outfits. Bleh.

I get that Octomom's entire notoriety depends on the fact that she's had so many children. And no one would be paying any attention to her whatsoever if she didn't have so many children. And she wouldn't have been paid for these photos if she didn't ... you get my gist.

So, I understand why baby clothes are in the picture. I understand it INTELLECTUALLY. Emotionally, I fail to understand it. How can this be hot for someone? Baby clothes -- sexually arousing? In other photos, she is shown ironing in a negligee. The domestic chores being a turn-on, I get -- sort of.

At this point I just feel really bad for Nadya Suleman. I know she got herself into this mess, but that doesn't mean I can't feel sorry for someone just because she herself was the agent of her own humiliating destiny.

What do you think of the photos?


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