Hot Celebrity Dads Who Would Make for Dangerous Playdates (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | Jun 14, 2012 Celebrities

David Beckham

Good dads are rad for lots of reasons, but there are some who just make us want to be bad. There are plenty of attractive stars in Hollywood, but it's these diaper-bag-toting dads that often really leave us drooling the hardest.

While they may have been hot before, fatherhood adds a whole new bit of heat. There's something about a dude who knows how to handle a sippy cup or a skinned knee that's just super sexy. We've all heard of MILFs, so these guys are the DILFs, if you will -- the ones with whom playdates would just be a little too distracting. So in honor of Father's Day this coming Sunday, let's take a look at five of Hollywood's hottest dads.

Which other hot celebrity dads would you add to this list?


Image via Elle

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