Denise Richards Can Thank Charlie Sheen for Ruining Her Love Life

Denise Richards and Charlie SheenAndddd another one bites the dust! Denise Richards and Richie Sambora have officially ended their relationship (again) -- and it doesn't sound like there is any hope of a reconciliation this time around. They really seemed like such a cute couple who had everything going for them -- well, except for Denise's baggage. And no, I'm not talking about her three beautiful daughters. I'm referring to the old ball & chain she just can't seem to lose -- Charlie Sheen.

Apparently Richie wasn't exactly thrilled with just how close she and Charlie still are since their divorce, and things got pretty heated between him and Denise because of the nature of their relationship. Not that anyone can blame him for being a bit upset about how chummy Sheen and Richards have remained. (It is kinda creepy.)


Charlie recently admitted to still wanting to sleep with Denise, and she referred to him as her "best friend and confidant." Hmm. Doesn't that pretty much sum up the role of a husband? (I'm confused.)

I can understand why Charlie & Denise would want to maintain a positive relationship for the sake of their kids, but there really is a fine line between being civil and acting like an old married couple. And if Denise ever wants to move on with her life and find love again, she's going to have to kick Sheen to the curb for good. He's obviously way too involved in her day-to-day life right now, and her love life is unfortunately suffering because of it.

Denise is at a crossroads, and she needs to dial back her relationship with Charlie quite a bit, or take a leap of faith and give him one more chance. But somehow, I just don't see the latter happening. (The end result probably wouldn't be pretty.)

Do you think Denise's close relationship with Charlie is normal?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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