The Situation Needs to Get Over Snooki & Move On

The Situation and Snooki

Aww -- it looks like being back in Seaside Heights filming the final season of Jersey Shore is stirring up a bit of nostalgia for The Situation -- and it might be conjuring up his old romantic feelings for Snooki as well. Filming has only been underway for a little over a week, and already, Mike has been partying less and hasn't even been drinking at the clubs.

Cleaning up his act isn't a huge shock considering he just got out of rehab not too long ago. But one source claims he's going to be hanging out next door at Snooki's house a lot more as the season goes on -- leading me to wonder if he's going to make one last attempt to win her over.


It was never 100 percent confirmed whether or not Snooks and Mike actually hooked up -- but after their season in Italy, it was pretty obvious that whatever happened between them (if anything) meant way more to him than it did to her. He really seemed to want to try and start a committed relationship with her -- but since she was already dating Jionni, that wasn't an option.

But now that Snooki's pregnant and can't really whoop it up with the rest of the gang this summer, Mike may see this as his perfect opportunity to get closer to her if he's still pining for her -- and possibly convince her that he's the better man for her even though she's already engaged.

As adorable as it is that Mike has a thing for Snooki, he should probably take a step back and let her move on with the new life she's starting with Jionni. He'll never be able to move past his heartbreak if he's around her 24/7.

Do you think Mike is having a hard time with Snooki's pregnancy and engagement?


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