Drunkest 'Jersey Shore' Moments of All Time (PHOTOS)

Drunkest 'Jersey Shore' Moments

The words Jersey Shore and alcoholism go hand-in-hand like rainy days and movie-watching. For reals, though, can you imagine what watching an episode of the hit MTV show would be like if absolutely no drinking was involved? No Ron Ron juice? No pickle shots? Something tells me there wouldn't be a whole lot of action goin' on in the smush room.

Sure, the drinking may be a little (read: A LOT) excessive at times, but that's why you, me, and all of our gossipmonger friends stay tuned in.

In celebration of the crew's return back to Seaside Heights for the filming of season 6, let's take a look at some of the drunkest Jersey Shore moments from the past five seasons, shall we?


Image via MTV


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