'Glee Project' Recap: Please, Don't Ask These Kids to Dance!

Glee Project castIt may be a show about music, but there is no Glee without the New Directions dancing around McKinley High. And after the fiasco that was the dance-ability episode of The Glee Project, the future of those high-powered numbers is looking sort of bleak. These kids can sing, but don't bother telling them to move their feet at the same time.

The Oxygen show is supposed to win one of the contestants a spot on Glee. But if the winner can't dance, is there really any point in giving them a spot in the New Directions?


After such a great start last week, the second episode of The Glee Project felt like a giant let-down. It started off with one of the contestants -- Taryn -- leaving before the homework assignment even got under way. She made the choice, but it had to take a hit on morale.

The sun seemed to be peeking through with the arrival of last year's winner Samuel Larsen, who sent Aylin into screamy fangirl mode. With the guy who's living their dream watching, the Project kids managed to put on an awesome performance to The Go Gos We Got the Beat. Abraham, one of the real stand-outs from last week, even won for his kick ass dance moves.

And then it was time to film their Party Rock Anthem music video --and no one could do a thing right. Including Abraham. 

They couldn't even lip sync to their own singing! And their freestyle wasn't exactly "free." As choreographer Zach Woodlee said, it was more like picking "who sucked the least" than choosing a traditional "bottom three."

As it turned out Lily landed in the bottom three for some weird boob shaking movement, Dani for barely moving, and Tyler for his unease with his changing transgender body. Dani got the boot, despite pouring her heart into a folksy version of Landslide, because Ryan Murphy doesn't see her as a true performer.

But that's just one bad dancer gone. There's still a whole house full of kids who can't cut a rug to save their lives. The Glee writers might want to start prepping some musical numbers performed while sitting behind a school desk, ASAP.

What do you think Glee would be like if the stars didn't get up and dance while they sang?


Image via Oxygen

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