'Mad Men' Season 6: Does Don & Megan's Marriage Stand a Chance?

Donald Draper Megan DraperNow that Mad Men's fifth season is done for, and we've got months before we return to 1967 (or will it be 1968?), all there's left do is speculate where the show's genius creator Matthew Weiner plans to take Don Draper & Co. Thankfully, in AMC's "Inside the Episode" feature, Weiner and even Jon Hamm have floated some clues about what we saw in the finale and what season six holds for Don and Megan.

Explaining Don's flip-flop on giving Megan the "Beauty & the Beast" commercial, Hamm says Don realizes "we'd be doing them a favor by putting her in, she's the right person. Don realizes that Megan has a talent ... Realizing that means he has to let her go, and let her find that way." Uh-oh. So does that mean the Drapers (Part Deux) really are headed for divorce?


Well, Weiner elaborated:

[Don] knows that if he gives Megan what she wants, she could possibly leave him. I think it's almost a story of sacrifice. That he sees her on that film and falls in love with her again, and realizes that he has to do this. And then we see her on the set, and we realize that she's gone.

And he's gone. Because upon seeing Don walk away from that set in such a dramatic way, to the tune of Nancy Sinatra singing "You Only Live Twice," it's pretty obvious that he's leaving their relationship -- at least in its current form -- behind. It's like he's finally thrown in the towel on that push-pull struggle between them, in which Don pretended he was content with her pursuing an acting career, but probably really wanted a sidekick Susie Homemaker, which she has no interest in being.   

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As much as Megan has grown on me, and I don't want to have to kiss Jessica Pare's charismatic interpretation of the character goodbye, it seems very realistic to think that come season six, we'll see the marriage fall apart. But it's okay. Megan would only end up miserable a la Betty. And maybe without her, Don will realize he doesn't need a wife to feel fulfilled. Plus, although on some level I can't stand it, it is so much more fun to watch Don the glam womanizer than Don the upstanding hubby, isn't it?

Are Don and Megan doomed to divorce in season six? Do you think it is for the best?

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