Lindsay Lohan's Car Reportedly Had Booze in It & Deja Vu All Over Again

You didn't really think this Lindsay Lohan car accident was going to be a little old fender bender like grandma would get into, did you? No, of course not. First, there was the he said-she said between Lindsay and the other driver involved. Who hit who? Why did who hit who? Brakes failed? Someone cut off someone? And then there's the whole bribery thing. And the whole Lindsay might have lied to the cops thing. And now there's the whole Lindsay's car reportedly had alcohol in it thing.


According to TMZ, who has been updating this story almost hourly, the latest twist in this car accident tale is that the Porsche that Lindsay was driving (which was apparently a rental) had a container of booze in the trunk. It's not illegal to have a container of booze in a trunk, so I guess Linds won't be heading back to jail, at least not for this. Another source tells TMZ that the container of booze was in the "debris field" of the wreck and then placed in the trunk. Either way, it's odd for a bottle of booze to be in a trunk. But Linds was not drinking at the time of the crash.

We don't know whose booze it was either. Lindsay's? The assistant's? Anyone's? Bueller, Bueller? Maybe it migrated there from another time and place. Maybe it's Liz Taylor's!

One would hope it's not Lindsay's, considering she has been in and out (and in and out) of rehab. No word on what type of booze this was either. Scotch? Vodka? Perrier-Jouet? Gallo? We'll probably hear in an another hour or so. Stay tuned!

Any new thoughts on Lindsay Lohan, the car accident, booze, or anything else?


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