Robert Pattinson Is Sick & Tired of His Famous Nickname

Robert PattinsonYou'd think that Robert Pattinson would be pretty excited about being one of the most famous names in Hollywood -- but there's definitely an aspect of his celeb status he isn't too keen about. You know how so many fans (myself included) affectionately refer to him as "R-Patz"? Well, apparently Robert hates being called R-Patz so much that he has some pretty harsh words for the person who came up with the nickname.

He told The Guardian, "I don't understand who invented that thing, 'R-Patz', I want to strangle them."

(Sure sounds like Rob has a bit of a temper problem these days -- you know, considering his little fight with Adele.)


R-Patz is a heck of a lot easier to say than repeating Robert Pattinson over and over again every time we want to mention him -- but perhaps he does deserve a nickname that suits him a little better. R-Patz almost has a boy band ring to it, doesn't it?

I came up with a few other options that might suit him a bit better.

Pat -- It's clean, simple, and gets away from his first name altogether.

Robinson -- Call me crazy, but I think this one has a nice ring to it. It combines the first part of his first name and the last part of his last name. (Gee -- that's almost poetic.)

Hot-Patz -- Totally cheesy, but I had to at least throw it out there. (He'd probably hate me for even suggesting it.)

Robbie -- Hey, it's better than R-Patz, right?

Bobby -- This one really seems to suit him well. He really looks like a Bobby. And considering he isn't very fond of his British accent, this would Americanize his name a bit.

Roberto -- SO sexy. It could definitely work.

R-Candy -- There I go again with the cheese. But he is major eye candy, so it's not that far fetched.

What nickname would you give Robert Pattinson?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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