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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Needs the Perfect Queen of Thorns (PHOTOS)

Celebrities Jill Baughman Jun 12, 2012

Game of Thrones season 3We've got a long way to go to wait for season 3 of Game of Thrones, and since the novel A Storm of Swords was so fantastic, it may be the best season yet. Something that will keep us geeky fans occupied until February 2013, however, is speculating who will be cast in the long list of new characters. HBO has done a fantastic job so far bringing this story to life with wonderful actors, so I'm sure they won't disappoint.

And one of my favorite characters in the series, Olenna Redwyne, The Queen of Thorns, who's Margaery Tyrell’s hilarious grandmother, is slated to make an appearance in season 3.

More about her character after the jump to avoid some major spoilers***. If you've read the book, then go on to check out the 7 awesome women who I think would be the ideal Queen of Thorns!

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The Queen of Thorns plays a major role in book 3, mainly because she's the one who ends up killing King Joffrey with Sansa Stark's hair net! (It's a long story.) She does this to spare her granddaughter Margaery from marrying the little punk. In the book, she's very old, very white-haired, and very tiny. She has classic one-liners: "Once the cow's been milked, there's no squirting the cream back up her udder" and "All these kings would do a deal better if they would put down their swords and listen to their mothers" are my favorites. Can't help but agree with the latter one!

Her sharp wit and tongue is comparable to Tyrion Lannister's, and there needs to be an actress who commands the screen and others around her just like Peter Dinklage does with Tyrion. I think these actresses would be up for that task, don't you?

Who do you think would make the best Queen of Thorns?


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1Maggie Smith

Of course, Maggie Smith made a name for herself being a badass her entire acting career. Most recently, she's graced our TV screens playing the amazing Dowager Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey. From most sites and message boards I've read, Dame Maggie Smith is the #1 choice in many fans' hearts!

Image via Caroline Bonarde Ucci/Wikimedia


2Judi Dench

Okay, so Judi Dench probably wouldn't want to be featured on a television role this small, but her performance in Shakespeare in Love proves she can be one tough Queen. Both dignified and funny, she'd make a Queen of Thorns even Joffrey wouldn't mess with.

Image via Sony Pictures

3Vanessa Redgrave

Vanessa has starred in over 80 films and is the only British actress to ever win the Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Cannes, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild awards. This may also be too small a role for her, but wouldn't you love it if she were able to do a quick cameo on the series? No doubt she'd make a memorable impression.

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4Helen Mirren

Well, duh. Again, Helen Mirren may be too famous and too amazing to want a small role on this series, but she has worked for HBO before in Elizabeth I and won an Emmy for it! Maybe they can entice her to come back. Watching Helen Mirren poisoning Joffrey would be the highlight of season 3, I guarantee it.

Image via PBS.org


5Jean Marsh

I first saw Jean Marsh on the BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, and she'd be another perfect choice to play Olenna. She's an incredible actress and truly looks the part. Look at that smug, knowing grin. That has the Queen of Thorns written all over it.

Image via ABC

6Fionnula Flanagan

Yes, I first saw Fionnula Flanagan on Lost as Eloise. She's an Irish actress who definitely has the white hair part down. You may also recognize her from The Others and The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. She's got the resume and the look; wouldn't she be great for this role?

Image via Disney

7Tilda Swinton

I know what you're thinking: Tilda's way too young to play this part. But makeup nowadays works magic, and I'd pay what little money I have to watch this Queen question Sansa about Joffrey's character. She's played an ice queen before and has just the right amount of intrigue/creepiness/refinement/skill to pull off this role. It may be a stretch, but I'd definitely tune in to see what she could do!

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