‘True Blood’ Sneak Peek: Our Favorite New Vampire Is Scary & Thirsty (VIDEO)

eric bill nora true bloodHelp, I'm getting dizzy! Must be all the True Blood rushing to my head! Seriously though, I just watched a preview of the next episode -- that would be Season 5 Episode 2, "Authority Always Wins" -- and my head really is spinning. All these new characters, ack! How will we keep track of who's who in Bon Temps?

So far this season we've met Eric's "sister" Nora (Lucy Griffiths), the late Marcus' badass mama, Martha (Dale Dickey), and hot naked werewolf Rikki (Kelly Overton).

Now it looks like next week we'll be introduced to Christopher Meloni as Authority member Roman and Valentina Cervi as ancient vampire Salome (yep, that would be the same Salome as the one in the Bible).

And of course, there's the OTHER new vampire ...


Tara!!! Omg, Tara is a vampire and it looks like she's about to sink her fangs into some Sookie!! Hey, but Tara hates vampires!! And she loves Sookie!! Unless she's mad at Sookie for making Pam turn her into a vampire. Or maybe because Pam is her maker, Tara isn't on Team Sookie anymore. Maybe Pam is controlling her! Or maybe Pam was right about the massive fatal head wound and Tara is a defective vampire! I think I need to lie down.

By the way, I'm very very very worried about the missing dead body of Jesus. Anybody else thinking he might turn out to be Bon Temps' first zombie?

Do you think the real Tara is in that vampire body somewhere?

Image via HBO

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