Kate Middleton's Quest to Stay 'Fashionably Thin' Sounds Dangerous

kate middletonAs one of the most famous wives in the world, Kate Middleton's weight and appearance have basically been under a microscope since the poor woman first started dating Prince William in college. Leading up to the wedding and even in the months following, tongues were clucking about her withering away shape. But it's always been hard to say ... Maybe she's just naturally gotten that slim. Doesn't necessarily mean she has an eating disorder, right?

Ehhh ... I wouldn't be so sure. Claims that the Duchess has lost another 10 pounds actually don't seem all that crazy when you look at recent photos. She appears thinner than ever before. Could it mean that she really is starving herself and potentially heading into dangerous Princess Di territory? Eeek!


Rumor has it that Kate does have an extreme dieting habit, which she's resistant to quit. Because, get this: It's keeping her in the fashion world's spotlight. She didn't realize she was going to be a celebrated (or scrutinized) "fashion star," but now that she clearly is, she's either determined (or feeling pressured) to stay super-slim. Ugh! What the heck? Has she been hanging out and taking health tips from Victoria Beckham? If there's even a grain of truth to this, it is so, so sad.

And making it even worse is that Prince William wants a baby ... soon-ish. But the docs have reportedly told Kate that she needs to put on a few pounds first. No real surprise there. Women who are painfully thin often have trouble conceiving

Ultimately, this could all be a pack of lies. But I really do hope Kate's taking care of herself -- or starts to take better care of herself. She truly seems to want to fulfill her roles as both a public figure and loving wife -- eventually a mother, as well -- so taking care of her health must be a priority. One that without question trumps being an internationally admired fashion icon. 

Do you think it looks and sounds like Kate Middleton might need to start taking better care of herself?

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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