Blake Lively Would Rather Be Alone Than Settle

blake livelyBlake Lively knows what she wants. The 24-year-old Savages star is on the cover of July's Marie Claire and opened up to the magazine about her love life. Even though she hasn't talked much about her relationships, a casual interest in pop culture will have informed you that she dated Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley, moved on to Leonardo DiCaprio, and is now dating Ryan Reynolds. She didn't talk about their moving in together nor the country home they allegedly purchased, but Blake did give details about what she finds attractive in a guy, and talked about why she's only had four serious boyfriends.

And what she reveals is pretty inspirational.


She explained:

I've been with very few people. If I'm not with somebody who really excites or inspires me, then I'd rather be by myself.

She goes on to say that she prefers a guy with killer, old-timey style and wants someone who's just as obsessed with food as she is. If we could all be so lucky to find a man who can dress himself and likes to cook, am I right?

If we read between the lines here, it's clear that Blake knows what she wants and doesn't mind waiting for it. It's a great example to live by, no matter if you're one of Hollywood's hottest stars or a pudgy librarian with a chin-hair problem. So many women, and men, too, settle, or adapt, into relationships that aren't necessarily worth it.

There are tons of reasons people end up settling, but I bet that the main motivation for settling is fear. There's the fear of being alone, fear of not finding anyone better, fear of not having kids, etc.

Blake's not afraid, though. Sure, she's got almost everything in the world going for her, but so does that proverbial librarian. It's all about knowing your worth. It's easier said than done -- those fears can cloud your judgement more than just about anything else -- but, and yes I know this is so cliche, but if you love and respect yourself, you won't need to compromise.

Now if only there were some Ryan Reynolds clones we could date ...

Do you think settling is never OK, or sometimes OK?


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