Amber Portwood Deserves More Respect for Choosing Jail

Amber PortwoodShe is the "star" of MTV's Teen Mom, but that didn't save Amber Portwood from a five-year prison sentence she started serving last week. It seems insane that anyone would choose prison over the opportunity to go to rehab and do outpatient work, but in many ways, her decision makes perfect sense. Portwood wasn't doing well on the outside. Maybe five years of prison will change that.

She chose prison for a reason. She told ABC News she plans to really change her life. She wants to get her GED, do some counseling, kick the drug habit, and really turn herself around. She can't do that on the outside. So fine.

It doesn't seem selfish at all. It seems like maybe for the first time Amber is wanting to pay real consequences and get her head on straight. So why is everyone on her case?


Of course Leah will be sad, but she would also be sad with a mother addicted to pain pills and miserable without an education.

If Amber needs time to focus on herself and meeting some of her goals and getting herself straight, who are we to argue with her methods? I think it's a brave and good decision. She is making it not just for herself, but also for Leah.

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While Leah waits for Amber, she is in good hands. She has her dad and Gary, for all his faults, does do his best. She is better off with a mom who is trying than a mom who is strung out.

Amber was too young to become a mom and she is doing her best with a poor situation. She is doing her best for her child to become a mom she can be proud of. Sure, it might make more sense to us to do outpatient drug treatment, but jail makes sense to her and it's really only Portwood's feelings that matter.

Good for her for recognizing the problem and having the balls to pay for it with her life. She isn't taking it lightly and I would think most of us should be able to respect that.

I hope in five years, she comes out with an education and a new lease on life and motherhood. I believe it's possible.

Do you think Amber is right to go to jail?


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