Lindsay Lohan's Car Crash Gets Its First Lawyer -- Of Course

Lindsay Lohan walked away uninjured from the car accident she was involved in on Friday -- which is kind of amazing since her car was totaled -- but she didn't walk away unscathed. Reportedly the driver of the truck involved in the accident says that Lindsay's entourage tried to bribe him to go away. And that she tried to "flee" the scene. He has also lawyered up and made a visit to the hospital. And, oh yeah, supposedly there was some kind of "pink bag" in LiLo's car that her friends asked the driver not to mention to the media (seems an odd way not to draw attention to a bag, but whatevs). Lindsay says the truck driver is lying about everything. And who knows. But is it me? Is it her? Is it the world? Can't Lindsay Lohan go one freaking DAY without an accident, a lawsuit, an arrest, a fight, or just bad juju?


Celebrities do attract all kinds of people looking to make a quick buck or get their name in the news or who are just crazy. And who knows what the deal is with this trucker. But in the past few years, Linds has been in court more than a serial killer. There are the DUIs and the probation violations. There was the arrest over a stolen necklace. There was a supposed recent bar fight with a woman (which was apparently the second fight at this same bar in two weeks). There's the $40,000 judgment over a tanning bill. Am I forgetting something? I'm sure I am.

And yet, through it all, Lindsay always says it's not her fault, that people are out to get her, that people want publicity, etc. Really, the entire world? Every dang day? All day long?

Chances are some of this stuff, at least a small percentage of it, is purely the fault of a young woman who cannot seem to make good choices. Lindsay, there's a saying: If you meet three jerks in a day, one of those jerks is you.

Glad she came out of the accident okay this time, but I'd love to see no accidents, no arrests, no lawsuits, no bar brawls -- for at least a year. How about nothing at all for a year except a string of boring, uneventful days? Eh?

What do you think of Lindsay's constant problems? Is it her or everyone else?


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