'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Scott Disick Finally Gets It Right

Kourtney KardashianI didn't believe this day would ever come, but tonight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott Disick actually didn't skeeve me out. In fact, I actually kind of, almost, found myself (gulp) liking him.

Weird I know, as I've long found the guy utterly repugnant, and have rooted for his breakup with Kourtney Kardashian for as long as they've been together. Tonight, however, I was rooting for Scott. Crazy, but you have to give credit where credit is due, and for now at least, it appears that Scott deserves a little credit for changing his ways and becoming a pretty devoted baby daddy and a tolerable human being, at last.


Kourtney was all hormonal and pregnant, and even more demanding than she usually is. Her quest tonight was for more romance, but no matter what Scott tried, he just couldn't get it right in her eyes, which were filled with Titanic dreams.

He does have a way of ruining the moment with his childish sense of humor. Like when Kourtney wanted him to take a bath with her, he just made a joke out of the whole thing. Though I'm actually grateful we didn't have to witness it -- I don't like him that much.

Still he kept trying in his own weird way. The Ryan Gosling spray-tan abs were pretty clever and didn't look horrible. Even his attempts at role playing a handyman showed creativity.

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Kourtney wasn't impressed, which sent poor Scott running to Bruce Jenner for advice. Bruce just depressed him by telling him in essence that between Kourtney and the new little girl he has on the way, he's doomed to a life of drama. Scott actually seemed okay with that, though.

In the end, he finally got it right when he had Kim Kardashian come take Mason (in his adorable little elephant jammies!) for the night so he could surprise Kourtney with dinner and candlelight. She started by making fun of his attempts and criticizing the food, but in the end she realized she was being overly hormonal and that Scott was trying. Overall, they seem happier than ever, and while I honestly can't believe I feel this way, I hope they stay that way ... as long as Scott is keeping up with this good behavior.

As for Kris Jenner and her grunting and Brandon Jenner and his music, that was all one big snore fest. The show really is better at a short-and-sweet 30 minutes than as a drawn-out hour of filler and fluff. And seriously, Chanel tennis balls?

Has Scott Disick grown on you? Do you think he's really changed for the better?


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