8 Super Sweet Quotes on Fatherhood From Celebrity Dads

Jeanne Sager | Jun 12, 2012 Celebrities
8 Super Sweet Quotes on Fatherhood From Celebrity Dads

Tom CruiseYou would think a writer would have an easy time putting together a note for her husband on Father's Day. But how do I put into words exactly what makes the father of my child so incredible to me? Every year I struggle, and I find myself turning not to other writers necessarily, but to men, to dads

Of course the men who are already there are the ones who know what fatherhood means, and some of the celebrity fathers whose faces are splashed across the magazines have ended up saying it the best. From Brad Pitt commenting on his brood to Gwyneth Paltrow's man Chris Martin dishing on diapers, here are some quotes from guys who really get it:

Which quote about fatherhood do you think is most on point?


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