Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves Marry in Down Home Texas Wedding (VIDEO)

Matthew McConaughey & Camila AlvesWell, it's official -- Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves are finally married, after getting hitched at their home in Austin, Texas this weekend. Considering they've been an item since 2007 and already have two children together -- it's about high time these two tied the knot! They really do seem like a match made in heaven -- and you've gotta give Camila props for being able to adapt to Matthew's laid-back lifestyle. (Most gals wouldn't be too keen on shacking up in a trailer with their celebrity boyfriend.)

Even though he's made millions of dollars over the duration of his acting career, McConaughey definitely hasn't let fame go to his head -- which was even more evident given some of the wedding details.


The ceremony took place in Matthew & Camila's back yard, where a huge white tent was set up along with long wooden tables for guests to sit and dine. And while the exact decor & colors of the wedding weren't revealed (probably because he made the folks setting up the shin-dig sign non-disclosure agreements), a "van full of orchids" was spotted making its way onto the property. (Orchids are so Camila!)

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Names on the guest list haven't been released either -- but whoever attended the McConaughey/Alves wedding must not have been super pretentious. Get this one -- after the reception, they all camped out & spent the night in tents set up around the wedding venue! (OMG. I'd have to guzzle a LOT of champagne to be persuaded to crash in a tent after a wedding.)

But then again, their accommodations weren't completely rustic. Matthew made sure each of the two-person tents was outfitted with a patio and doormat -- and an air conditioning unit. Ahhh -- there's nothing like "glamping" out to really make a marriage celebration extra special.

You can hear more about Matthew & Camila's wedding in the video clip below.

Congrats to the happy couple -- what well wishes would you like to send them?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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