New Kardashian Makeup Line Includes Gold Masks & Garters

kardashiansI thought the Kardashian makeup routine went something like dunk face in bowl of foundation, apply black to eye area, adorn wig. But I suppose I was wrong. There's actually more finesse to it than I'm giving credit, it would seem, since the Kardashians have announced that they're coming out with their own line of makeup. The sisters have partnered with a licensing and branding company and Khroma, yup, will hit stores right before Christmas.

I guess no one's really surprised by this venture, since the ladies pretty much have their own line of everything, but I was, in fact, taken aback by a certain product in their offering. Let's talk about the 24-karat gold mask they want to sell you.


It's called the Million Dollar Mask and it's some pre-foundation elixir made with 24-karat gold dust that will give you that signature Kardashian glow. Sure.

Also included in the line will be a lip gloss holster that you wear as a garter belt. Snazzy. Oh, and there will be Kardazzle Compacts, too, whatever those may be.

The sisters have some experience with branded beauty products -- their nail polish collection for O.P.I. did well, their own clothing stores, Dash, seem like they're thriving, and each of them probably has about one billion fragrances with their respective names attached. So, yes, a makeup line was probably a logical leap for the girls. It's rare you catch a glimpse of one without pounds of the stuff covering their naturally beautiful visages, so I'd venture to guess they're experts when it comes to all things cosmetic.

I will say, however, that I am intrigued by their eyelashes -- falsies will be included in their line. I wouldn't mind my peepers getting a Kardashian upgrade in that department. I want lashes so long I could fan a kids' soccer team with one blink.

That said, I'm not going anywhere near that lip gloss holster garter thingy.

Will you try Khroma by the Kardashians?


Photo via David Livingston/Getty

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