Pauly D's Virgin Freakout on 'The Choice' Was the Premiere Highlight (VIDEO)

Pauly D the choiceWho would have thought a new reality dating show would make The Bachelor look like the formula for a long-term relationship? That new show would be The Choice, which premiered on Thursday.

The premise? Four men (this time it was Jersey Shore's Pauly D, rapper Romeo, Olympian Jeremy Bloom, and General Hospital's Jason Cook) or women sit in chairs just like the ones in The Voice (yep, the titles of the shows even rhyme). The guys can only hear the contestants, and the girls have 30 seconds to describe themselves. If the celebrities are interested, they'll hit their "love handle" (haaaaa) to turn the chair around and see what the girls look like. Gorgeous Cat Deeley from So You Think You Can Dance hosts the show.

Clearly this show is mocking The Voice, and from the premiere, it seems like everyone involved is having fun and taking it in stride. And the funniest part of the night came of course courtesy of Pauly D.


Pauly was charmed by a contestant's voice and the fact she was a dancer, so he turned his chair around to get a gander. Hey, good choice! She was cute! She was blonde!

But ... uhoh ... this was the ultimate deal-breaker: She definitely wasn't DTF. Why? Because she admitted she's waiting for that special guy and she's a virgin.

Pauly then gets busted and called out by Cat for trying to turn his chair back around, much to the amusement of the other contestants. Yep. This was the highlight of the show. Still, Pauly later tweeted that he had a lot of fun doing the show, and hey, if you're looking to watch something mindless and fun this summer, why not this? At least you can appreciate that no one on The Choice takes themselves all that seriously -- something fun-loving, fist-pumping Pauly D is definitely an expert in.

Check out Pauly D getting caught trying to get away from the virgin for yourself:

Did you watch The Choice last night? Are you a Pauly D fan?


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