Chad Ochocinco's Fiancee Disses Him After He Gets Cut From Patriots

Chad OchocincoMamasLatinas writer Michelle Regalado reveals that Chad Ochocinco has got himself one feisty fiancee!

Chad Ochocinco, soon-to-be husband of Puerto Rican reality star Evelyn Lozada, is saying farewell to the New England Patriots! The team released receiver Ochocinco on Thursday, cutting loose the six-time Pro Bowl selection after only one season. So what does this mean for the couple and their show, Ev & Ocho?

Well, Lozada herself sure doesn't seem to be too worried. After the news broke, she took to Twitter, saying:


Aww baby you got cut @ochocinco I got your back! I'm the bread winner now, which means I make the rules! #Boom.

The tweet apparently didn't go over very well with her followers since a short while later, she followed up with another,

If you don't get my humor with @ochocinco then F off! Not meant for you to 'understand' #Smooches.

Yikes! Having seen her outbursts on Basketball Wives, I would not want to mess with Lozada!

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Ochocinco, for his part, seemed to be taking a relatively positive attitude towards his release. "Thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to play for the 'Patriot' organization... fans were ... wicked awesome, I wish all of you the best..." he tweeted, also adding, "I'm healthy n living life, I'll be fine." The footballer also jokingly changed his profile description to "UNEMPLOYED BLACK GUY" and posed a photo of himself hitchhiking while sitting on a suitcase at the airport.

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It's a tough situation, but I'm pretty sure that both Ochocinco and Lozada will be just fine! At least the two have their new reality show to fall back on. The series is set to start in September on VH1 and culminate in a two-episode finale airing of their wedding ... that is, if they can find a location. Apparently, producers on the show are having a hard time securing a spot for the couple's nuptials because managers don't want to be associated with Lozada and her temper!

Talk about drama! Between that and Ochocinco's release, it sounds like the duo already has plenty of plotlines for their show.

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Written by Michelle Regalado for; image via Getty Images

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