Will Smith's 'Summertime' Remix Is Hot (LISTEN)

will smithThe best summer anthem of all time? Hands down, it has to be DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's "Summertime."

Now, 21 years after the hit first had us bobbing our heads at barbecues, the Fresh Prince (better known these days as mega movie star Will Smith) has remixed the warm weather classic.


Smith has now has now logged more years as an actor than a bona fide hip-hop star at this point. There is an entire generation who probably think the Fresh Prince is just a lame nickname for William or Harry. Well, this will be a nice education for them because Will Smith's return to rap doesn't disappoint.

He is obviously a lot older though. His voice is a bit more gravelly and he has a heck of a lot less pep than he did in 1991, but the track is still incredibly cool. It's definitely worth grooving to in summer 2012.

It's not actually for sale until June 10, but you can listen to a snippet here:

What do you think of the remix? Does it top the original?

Image via Walmart Stores/Flickr

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