Fianceé of 'America's Got Talent' Fake Hero Needs to Wake Up

Unfortunately it seems that behind every male criminal, jerk, or fraudster, there's a woman standing by her man, insisting he is really a good guy and just misunderstood. The latest is the fianceé of the self-proclaimed military hero who crooned on America's Got Talent and whose story of being injured in Afghanistan and Iraq appears to be fake. One of the things Timothy Michael Poe did, besides apparently make up stories about being injured in combat, was give media outlets a touching photo of him serving his duty. Only it was a completely different person. Whoops! However, Poe's girlfriend says it was all just a mistake.


The woman, Carrie Morris, says that Poe submitted the wrong photo by accident because he "downloads military stuff all the time." Um, yeah, like military stuff that show soldiers in combat who are not him. Maaaaaybe I can understand giving people a photo of a guy you think is you but isn't. Err, okay. Soldiers do kind of all look alike with those fatigues.

But how does one explain the rest of this convoluted story? Like the fact that military records show Poe was injured in training camp in Indiana, not Afghanistan? Or that he never deployed to Iraq, as he claimed on the show? Carrie, girl, you gotta open your love blind eyes!

All right, maybe it's all just one huge mistake. Maybe the military is wrong. But Poe has yet to come forward to prove his claims. Something here smells more fishy than a dead cod floating in at low tide.

Carrie, hon, please do NOT bury your head in the Afghanistan desert sand. This isn't just about a picture mix-up. It's not uncommon for pathological liars to invent histories of being a hero soldier, fireman, or policeman. They want to be admired and know a history like this will get them special treatment.

Girlfriend needs to sit up and take notice, or she may have nothing but post traumatic heartbreak disorder waiting for her.

What would you do if you were this guy's fianceé?


Image via America's Got Talent/YouTube

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