Stalker 'Girlfriend' Spoof of Justin Bieber Song Will Hilariously Creep Men Out (VIDEO)

One great thing about YouTube is its ability to discover new talent. Or rather, the talent discovers itself by uploading something fabulous and then sitting back and waiting for fame. Hey, it happens occasionally.

In fact, this is what happened to Justin Bieber. And now a young woman with a Bieber parody video might have the same destiny. The young woman (girl? no one seems to have figured out her real name or age yet) sings a parody version of Bieber's "Boyfriend" called "Girlfriend." (Biebs has a contest running for girl versions of his song.) Anyway, there's a reason this video has received 1.2 million views in one day.


The girl, whose handle is xzr0713, came up with brilliantly creepy, sophisticatedly stalkerish lyrics to her "Girlfriend," including:

If I was your girlfriend / I'd never let you leave / Without a small recording device / Taped under your sleeve.

She does it all with a bug-eyed, dead-pan stare, and a creepy frozen smile at the camera. Never once does she break character. I mean, I assume this is a character. Here's hopin'.

Saturday Night Live should check this girl out. With Kristen Wiig gone, they could use someone with her weird, edgy energy. I also would advise Justin Bieber to stay far, far away from Miss wzr0713. Check her out. Does she make your skin crawl, fellas?


Image via wzr0713/YouTube

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