Kris Humphries' New Girlfriend Takes On the Kardashians

All right, y'all, I am totally digging Kris Humphries' new girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj. She looks like a downmarket Kim Kardashian, and she Tweets like a chick with serious 'tude. Well, she IS a New Yawkah. Kris' reps deny she is his gf, but whatev, whatev. Why else would the girl Kris has been photographed with be burning up a storm on Twitter insulting the Kardashians? Eh? Check it out. This girl needs her own reality show.


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First, Myla took on the Kardashian/Jenner patriarch, Tweeting:

Bruce Jenner's face scares me -- it should be on the 'Why not to get plastic surgery' poster.

I mean, did she really write that? I'm pretty astonished. Not because of the diss, which is kind of funny, but because everything is spelled correctly. There's no way to check against her original Tweet, however, because a few hours ago her account went private. Boo! Myla, come back.

Anyway, she also Tweeted about Kanye, who insulted Kris Humphries in his song "Theraflu":

He should be bigger than taking petty shots at sh*t that got nothing to do with him. Lost respect.

And then, the capper. After Kim Kardashian Tweeted some new pics of herself, Myla wrote:

Looks like J. Lo.

Ohhh, burn!!! Wait, was that a burn? A compliment? Could go either way. J.Lo is beautiful, but no celebrity wants to be thought of as emulating another celebrity. Was Myla implying that Kim is a poor carbon copy of J.Lo.? Was she saying that Kim is unoriginal? Or was she being nice to Kim? Ohhhh, I have a headache.

What do you think of Myla taking on the Kardashians?


Image via Keith Allison/Flickr

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