Amanda Bynes Provokes Anderson Cooper’s Hilarious Rant (VIDEO)

amanda bynesAt this point, I know way more than I'd like to about actress Amanda Bynes. The former-Nickoledean star turned C-list movie star has a hard time with the whole driving-a-car thing. She was charged this week with a DUI stemming from an incident a few months ago when she rammed her BMW into a police car. Then, she tweeted President Obama and asked him to fire the cop who arrested her. And now, finally, Anderson Cooper is speaking out on behalf of all of us who are a little frustrated by this bizarre entertainment news story.

On Wednesday's episode of Anderson Cooper 360, everyone's favorite silver fox made Amanda the subject of his hilarious Ridiculist, and premiered an aptly named segment called "Things More Important Than Amanda Bynes' Tweets."


Anderson appropriately said that Miley Cyrus' engagement to Liam Helmsworth is like Watergate and the Oscars compared to Amanda's request for presidential intervention, and went on to rightfully assess that Kanye West's hatred for striped scarves is also way more newsworthy than Amanda's tweet.

I would like to add that TRESemme's sponsored tweet about shampoo is more important than Ms. Bynes', same with Kendall Jenner's simple yet poignant tweet that just says "Santa Monica" with a sun emoticon after it. And Teresa Giudice's announcement that she requested a chocolate milkshake at a wedding reception probably deserves the attention of the leader of the free world more than Amanda.

Watch Anderson's clip -- he's so, so good and so, so funny. He says what we're all thinking, only with much more charm and wit. Check it!

What do you think is more important than Amanda Bynes' tweet? Share somethin' funny.


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