Kelsey Grammer & Wife Renew Marriage Vows -- A Lot Can Happen in a Year

It's so romantic when couples decide to renew their wedding vows. It's great for them to remember why they first got married and to strengthen the vows they once took, the promises that saw them through years, maybe even decades, of a relationship. Or, in the case of Kelsey Grammer and his new bride, Kayte Walsh, an entire 18 months of marriage. Errr ... I dunno. Is it me? This smacks of those couples who proclaim their undying love on Facebook every hour. It's just a bit ... methinks thou doth vow too much.


This is Kelsey's fourth marriage, and this one started off charmingly -- he got together with Kayte while still married to his third wife, Camille. So maybe I'm just a tad jaded when it comes to Kelsey and marriage. I mean, he's said marriage vows at least five times already (if you include this latest), how seriously can anyone take him saying wedding vows?! Of course, I don't know what Kelsey said this time. Maybe he added in a bunch of caveats and qualifiers.

Kelsey and Kayte renewed their vows in Las Vegas, and supposedly their inspiration was the scene in the movie Viva Las Vegas. This just makes it all that much more ... cheesy. Look, I'm a huge fan of Cheers, probably the biggest fan there is. I loved Kelsey's character, Frasier. I have nothing against Kelsey. I just have kind of a knee-jerk gut reaction to people who feel the need to make a big vow renewal so soon after they already said their vows. Certainly, you couldn't have forgotten them in so little amount of time.

But maybe this is all Heidi and Seal's fault. I thought it was so romantic that they renewed their vows every year. And then ... pffft. Divorce. And it's not just them. Demi and Ashton did it. J.Lo. and Marc did it. In fact, if I were a celeb who wanted to keep my marriage strong, probably the last thing I'd do is renew my vows.

Do you think renewing your vows can be a sign of trouble? At least for celebs?


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