Even Charlie Sheen Draws the Line at Bath Salts (VIDEO)

Oh Charlie Sheen. We used to think you were the craziest cat on the block. Now we know otherwise. And it's all thanks to bath salts. Yes, you heard me right. That crazy "zombie" face eating story has officially made Charlie Sheen look sane.

Even he who has likely tried every drug known to man will not admit to having tried bath salts. "Would you ask me that at a f**king dinner party, you moron," he screamed at a reporter who asked him if he had ever tried the drug. He was on a tirade yesterday afternoon after being kicked out of a Kings game at the Staples Center.

He went outside for a smoke break and wasn't allowed back in because of the center's policy. See below:


After everything he has done, tiger's blood and all, one would think he would be OK with talking about a drug like bath salts. But nope. That's too much for him.

OK, then. The fact is, Sheen's kind of crazy is last year's news and the fact that he was kicked out of the game for the same reason anyone would be is really not all that intriguing.

Sure, Sheen acted like a spoiled brat, like the rules don't apply to him. But I would be pretty angry, too. Rules like that are annoying. I am not sure I would use such profanity. But I might be pretty angry.

Wow, come to think of it, Sheen looks downright sane. Did he eat anyone's face? I think not. If that is our new litmus test for "crazy," we sure are going to have to rethink a lot of people we dismissed as nutty.

Sheen, you are OK in my book and I am down with your bath salts outrage. How dare anyone think that YOU would try such a drug. Am I right or am I right?

Do you think Sheen seems sane now?


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