Chris Rock Rips Chris Brown on 'Today' But Elmo Makes It Wholesome (VIDEO)

Chris Rock on Today It's been a little over a year since Chris Brown freaked out on the set of Good Morning America when Robin Roberts asked him about his previous domestic violence charges. I hate to say this, but after what happened on Today this morning, we may be seeing a similar episode from the singer tomorrow when he shows up to the morning news show for a performance on the plaza. 

This is how it all went down: Matt Lauer and his Today show family were sitting down with special guests Chris Rock and Elmo, teasing Chris Brown's Friday morning gig for their summer concert series. Talking about the conditions outside, Lauer said, "We're hoping the same kind of weather hits us tomorrow when we've got Chris Brown out on the plaza," to which Rock joked, "Did you say you hope the same weather HITS you? I hope some weather doesn't SMACK us upside the head."

If you thought what Chris had to say was funny, though, wait until you see what happens when good ol' Elmo chimes in:


Watch the video, here:

Wholesome!? I DIE! Seriously, what Elmo had to say was the best part! Who's to say that Sesame Street is only for the youngins, eh?!

Call me extreme, but if I was Brown, I'd contemplate even showing up tomorrow. I mean sure, tomorrow is about the performance. However, after what he's been through, everyone has their opinion on his actions, and no matter how much time passes, that's got to be hard to deal with. Seeing segments like this one can't be exactly inspirational, if you know what I mean.

Either way, MVP of the segment goes to Elmo. I'd love to see what the snugly red monster has to say to Brown face-to-face.

What do you think of this morning's exchange on Today? Do you think Chris Brown will show up tomorrow?


Image via TMZ

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