Country Singer Luke Bryan Should Keep His Undies to Himself (VIDEO)

Country music singer Luke Bryan is known for being hot and steamy, so when he tossed his boxer shorts at female fans at the Country Music Television Awards last night, the crowd went wild. Am I the only one who is totally grossed out by this?

Apparently, the married star who took Male Video of the Year for "I Don't Want This Night to End" reminded fans that he had tossed his jacket into the audience when he won his first belt buckle two years ago. That jacket was $4,000. He went a little cheaper this time with his camouflage boxer shorts.

Presenter Tom Arnold pulled them, wedgie-style (EW!), out of his pants and tossed them into the crowd. Yuck, yuck, and yuck.


First of all, I don't want anyone's skid marks anywhere near me, not even my husband's. I would have to REALLY love a star to want his dirty underwear anywhere near me. I can't think of anyone I like that much.

So maybe it was a stunt and it wasn't dirty. But still. Yuck. I would have gladly taken that $4,000 jacket over some old underwear, thank you very much.

Maybe it's because I am not familiar with Bryan. I looked up a video to convince myself. See below:

Nope. Still don't want his underwear in my face. I don't know. Can someone else explain this? Is there a star whose underwear you might like?

I get that he's hot in a "I would never be attracted to him, but fine he's hot" way. But come on. Underwear? Dirty? Nope. Not for me. Am I missing something here?

Do you think Luke Bryan is hot?

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