Tyra Banks' New Boy Toy Makes Us Fantasize About Older Men

Grrrrrowwwwl. Gents, there's a new cougar in town, so get out your dart guns and your hunks of raw meat. Yeah, I'm not sure what that means either. But Tyra Banks reportedly has a new man, and he's 14 years younger than she is. The supermogul has generally been known to date men her own age or older, so she just earned her cougar markings. Her new man is boxer-turned-model Robert Evans, who is 24 and a new judge on America's Next Top Cou -- I mean, Model.

I'm totally behind the whole "cougar" thing (ya, I know, no one likes this word). But it's getting kind of cliché now. Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Mira Sorvino. Plus, a lot of our fave cou-couples have broken up: Demi and Ashton. Katie Couric and Brooks Perlin. Maybe it's time for the dating pendulum to swing the other way, back towards older guys. Even Kim Cattrall thinks so. She's dating a guy five years OLDER!

Here are some reasons gals might want to toss their boy toys and get with an older guy.


The daughter factor. After Demi and Ashton broke up, people were actually speculating that maybe Demi's daughter, Rumer, was dating her to-be-former step-dad, Ashton. And no one cared!

The money factor. Jennifer Lopez reportedly gives her boy toy, Casper, a $10,000 weekly allowance. While this is chump change for J.Lo., most women probably aren't going to want to support their just-out-of-college-and-looking-for-a-job bf. Doubtful you'll have to do this with an older guy. Hey, he may even buy YOU dinner.

The looks factor. Let's face it, it's a lot of pressure always worrying about looking young enough to "hold on to" your younger man. Get an older guy, and hit the couch instead of the gym!

The energy factor. Wouldn't it be nice to just stay home once and awhile instead of having to hit the latest club, take a salsa lesson, or hike the Pyrenees? Your older guy might be more likely to chill with a Real Housewives marathon and some takeout.

The kids factor. You've got 'em. He's got 'em. Nobody wants more of 'em.

The sex factor. Younger guys might last longer, but you don't have to teach older guys. They already know what they're doing. Hopefully!

What other reasons can you think of for dating older men?


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